Larry Williams Million Dollar Challenge

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by clarodina, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. larrywms


    thanks for the comments..i think i will stay off line now unless someone really rankles me ;-)

    I have made my points--with facts--and there is not much else to say. My market comments are for free an on my site.


    good luck and good trading to all
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  2. Pekelo


    If a guy called Thunderdog shows up in the thread, just ignore him. He has some kind of disease or something.

    I would like to say thanks for the Williams indicator, my best strategy is based on it and it works in any timeframe. If interested, I can PM it to you.

    Thanks again, a fan of yours...
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  3. money is free too, just rob a bank. it's easy and fun!

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  4. larrywms


    I will be watching for Thunderdog; hopefully i can give him the facts and data he is missing to get him healed up


    sure please email to me
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  6. Kubinec


    Smartass, file sharers don't normally disclose sources on such public places and if I really valued Mr. Williams' products so much (never downloaded or read them) I wouldn't be disclosing where you can get them for free here and neither would I try to save some dozens bucks on his products. If anything, I did him a favor. Mr. Williams can now go after these sites that host his files without his permission and get them to remove them.
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  7. larrywms


    as a matter of fact we filed a lawsuit in Federal Court this week against Scribd for copyright violations.

    Isn't this interesting the guys who attack me---rather personally--end up being copyright theifs.

    Ah...ya gotta love the world.

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  8. Mr. Williams,

    Most people do not know ALL facts...

    Let' see what they are :

    You had an equity dip of 1,450,000 , that's about 64 % , you were lucky you had that drawdown after you made some good money ....

    After your 1987 robbins worldcup performance,you started In July 1988 the Larry Williams Financial Strategy Fund The 1988 fund lost more than 50% of its clients’ equity in barely one year, as reported in the October 1989 issue of Futures magazine

    In March 1989 the World Cup Championship Fund is started, managed by Larry Williams, Jake Bernstein and two others.
    The 1989 fund also lost more than half of its original equity by May 1990.

    You blew up your own fund in 1988 and another one in 1989 together with some others
    How much million dollars of others did you lose ?

    NFA fines Larry Williams for not reporting to potential clients that, while his personal account in a promotional 1987 contest was very profitable ( a gain of + $902,599 ), his managed accounts for clients lost substantial funds ( - $6,122,281 ). This constituted DECEPTIVE and unbalanced promotional material and disclosure statements.


    Making big cashingo in your own account BUT LOSING 6 MILLION DOLLAR IN MANAGED ACCOUNTS AT THE SAME TIME ?

    The World Cup Championship Fund in 1989 you started with Jake Bernstein(+2 others)

    Let's see what we find about Jake :

    "NFA FINDS BERNSTEIN USED MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL. Fined $200,000 and permanently barred from NFA membership. All appeals to NFA and CFTC failed.

    Footnote -- Commodity Traders Consumer Report, a respected futures publication, tracked the trades Bernstein recommended in his $895 flagship newsletter. If you had acted on these weekly tips from 1988 through 1992, you would have lost money for five consecutive years (assuming typical transaction costs)."


    You trade thousands of contracts a month ?

    Let's see how big you trade :


    In october 2008 with the increased volatility caused by the financial crisis you switch from 1 big S&P contract to 1 emini S&P.
    Is your trading account that small that it can't handle the extra volatility for just 1 contract ??


    Timothy Sykes was so upfront to share with the public how much he made trading and how much as a vendor.

    6 % from trading profits and 94 % from guru sales

    How much of your income is from trading and how much from sales ?

    In 1987 you multiplied your trading account more than 100 times but what did you achieve in 1988,1989,1990,....till now 2009 ?
    Are you net profitable over your WHOLE trading career ? (leaving out the blow ups of other people's money)

    Why didn't you try to repeat your 1987 contest performance ?

    Do you really need to convince people that much that you are trading by starting a website named "ireallytrade" ?

    Please do not fall for the deceptive practices of these vendors !

    Just setting the record a little more straight :)

    P.S. Honestly,can we still be surprised that you have a tax evasion case running ?
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. RT's biggest william's critic, Thunderdog is afraid to have you confront him with the facts, LW. I sincerely doubt he will show up here.

    missed you at VN's stock talk this year, hopefully we will catch up next time you are in NYC.

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