Larry Williams Million Dollar Challenge

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by clarodina, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Anyone had brought the Larry Williams Million Dollar Challenge Video Seminar? Any feedback from the video practical trading application?
  2. Do you have a link to that product ?
    What does it cost ?
  3. ssss


    1.Please read NFA "... deceptive statement " about Larry Williams result .

    2. Compare with another result*s .It is not correlated

    (Larry Williams 1987 year)

  4. please see actress michelle williams 1997 performance.

    is this evidence of a conspiracy OR simply good trader teaching daughter how to do it?

    what makes sense?

  5. ssss


    From author point of view -to be very carefully ..

    With high chance that is only propaganda , Larry Williams
    won through multiple loss in offset client's accounts .
    Loss by client's accounts was more as win by L.Williams account .
  6. Tks for the feedback. Do any guys brought the mdc video (Adest or other source). Would like to have feedback from people who has brought the mdc video. Tks.
  7. There's a damn good chance that there's more "deception" or "propaganda" in your statements in this thread than there was in Larry Williams trading account.

    I guess you're aware that Williams trading account was thoroughly investigated by the CFTC and the NFA. They found no wrongdoing as you suggest.

    In fact, as I understand Williams was operating a "pool" at the time. He wasn't managing any individual accounts. The reason this is important is that in order to have done what you suggest, he would have had to always be right in his own account, and always be wrong in the pool account. Now what do you suppose the odds of that are.

    Conversely, if he made trades which he did not specify the account (illegal by the way), he would have had to involve Robbins...the broker. Now don't you suppose that when the CFTC investigated this, they would have been able to detect this? And again, let's assume that he guessed the market direction and was wrong. So now he has to place this in the pool account. But he would have nothing in his own account. LOL!

    What's more likely is that your information is just plain wrong. Doesn't change the record. Williams was written up for not publicizing an accurate record, which would have included the results of the pool account. The pool account records were terrible.

    If you're going to charge Williams with fraud, then perhaps you ought to cite something a little more factual. Because the CFTC didn't charge him with that.

  8. old - do not attempt to reason with sssss... This person is on a trading contest vengeance with no real arguments to support their case.

  9. How do you explains his daughters success then in 97'?

  10. nicely said, OT. thanks!
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