Larry Williams Innocent!!!

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  1. This just hit the wires, direct from Larry Williams

    3 days into trial all 9 felony counts were dropped,

    all amounts due and owing were dropped and

    I pleaded guilty to 3 misdemeanors of failure to file reporting to gross
    income but with no tax due and owing.

    Will pay a slight fine and maybe one year probation.

    Thus ends my 8 year battle.time to move on to new adventures

    Best wishes

  2. Is that just state tax?
  3. Yes

    The guy makes serious $$$$.
  4. zdreg


    how with proof?
  5. PROOF??! LMAfOF

    Another genius, from elite.

    Duh, owe 220k of personal STATE taxes/2009 = what income???

    DUH !!!

    You make any "rich" lists in your zip code?

    :confused: :p :mad:

    PS--this is if the 20 acre estate in one of the most expensive zips in USA doesn't tell you what you need to know already....
  6. Hmmmm. Something sounds a bit fishy here.

    You sign up to the forum to make this announcement about Larry, I don't get it.

    I didn't see anything on " the wires" about it.
  7. vjsworld


    I'm his friend. I got the same email from Larry. Tis true
  8. Oh happy day. Now the good shepherd can finally get back to fleecing his flock.
  9. I stand corrected, my apologies.

    Sounds like it turned out well for him, I’m relieved as I am a student of this techniques.
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