Larry Williams' 1987 Robins Championship Trade Log

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have Larry Williams' 1987 Robins Championship trade log?


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  2. ask him directly. or call him up. His direct line is listed on the above site. He is a nice guy and will answer your questions

  3. Isn't Larry wanted by the U.S. IRS? I don't think he is in the country anymore. I could be wrong.
  4. larry's a rock star.

    however more in the sense of chris martin rather than gene simons.


  5. while we are on the subject of that book. Larry will be happy to answer those mistaken points directly as well

  6. interesting if true (from above link): "This anonymous reviewer gave the book 1 star while pointedly overlooking the fact that Gallacher's actual criticism was based on Williams losing more than $6million in one account while "making" the so-called $1million in another account - an event for which both Williams and Robbins Trading Company were taken to court and convicted by the NFA.
  7. I have the trade log, with chart of the trades.
    PDF file is too large at 3 meg to upload.
  8. Had to make them low quality to fit.
  9. Both you and Wayne have your facts wrong. Williams was charged with failure to fully disclose his performance of both his individual account and his pooled account. I believe he had a brochure with the performance of his individual account. Fined $12-$13K for it. There was no charge for placing good trades in his individual account and bad trades in his pooled account. Nor was he or Robbins charged with fraud.

    This has been discussed many times on this site. Do a search and I'm sure you'll find it.

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