Larry Summers: Hey, it's party time, the recession is over and jobs by spring!

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  1. tortoise


    he's right.

    what he wasn't addressing was the disparity between projected population growth and projected jobs growth.

    then again, he wasn't asked about it, either.

    (by the way, is it outlandish to presume that the white house's top economist might "know" a few things that you don't know?)
  2. So you agree the recession is over?
  3. Recession ended in June.
  4. LOL. Seriously? My comment was suggestive that the bare facts are available to all, this not a military or intelligence issue. The White House is not privy to a set of data on the economy that the rest of the country isn't able to obtain in some form, so what could he possibly know that nobody else knows, unless the White House is prepared to continue to cook the BLS numbers?

    Top Economist? Is that a joke? The number of shills around here for the 0bama brigade surely is sad.
  5. Right. No double dip coming either right? All good from here right? Why did I bother even posting this.
  6. Summers ????

    The guy that was selling decaying derivatives to sovereign funds after the Bear Stearns issues....?????

    The same guy that spearheaded the multibillion$ losses at Harvard....????

    When does the madness stop ????

    Why would anybody listen to this guy ????

    Why can't the US have better people in such sensitive and important positions ????
  7. And a clawback of Tiger's wealth will subsidize Nike golf balls for all municipal course players, nationwide.

    And ralphie is correct: The recession ended in June. He just failed to complete the sentence; and the depression began.
  8. OK so we have some bears here now. So to the original question. Why is Summers talking like this? Is he just desperate to put a good face on things? If he's wrong (and we all believe he's wrong), then 2010 elections will be brutal for the libtards.
  9. Not sure what "kwa" is, but if a depression happens it won't matter if the media ignores it. By definition the people will be living the effects of it. I know we're a gullible country, but not that gullible.

    That's why it doesn't make sense. But maybe you're still right. They don't have any other options but to totally BS their way. What do they have to lose exactly? This is the one tool left that remains.
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