Larry Summers.. "Default = Financial Armegeddon"... LIAR!

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  1. No, not that defaulting on US Treasuries wouldn't be financial armegeddon... it could. But there isn't a snowball's chance in Hell of default even if the debt ceiling isn't raised!

    They're using deception to spook the people and legislature into going along with a CATASTROPHICALLY BAD wasting of assets... all to buy votes.
  2. =========
    Mr Larry Summers has said & done some wise things;
    1] lobbied nnder Pres Reagan & Clinton cut capital gains tax,
    2]called for cut in unemployment comp, to HELP unemployment,
    3]against the Kyota Protocol
    4}lectured CA gov Grey Davis, CA crises due to ''excess gov regulation.................

    No wonder he finally misstepped/lied;
    law of averages got him.

    Moodys downgrade may mean much more troubel, long term:cool:
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    I think Summers was Moron #8 in Obama's original White House.
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    Default is pure lies. ~200 Billion in monthly revenues and ~20 billion in monthly debt service...

    Thing is, it will precipitate a crash multiples worse than '08. That's guaranteed.
  5. Can you tell me how you know that? As I understand it, the idea that the Treasury can actually prioritize interest payments over the other stuff is by no means a certainty. My understanding is that it's based on a one-page GAO legal opinion issued a long while ago. It may or may not be valid, so I, for one, wouldn't bet the farm on no default.
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    I doubt Obama and Geithner are suicidal. They won't reneg and turn a market crash into helter skelter pandemonium. Seriously, we're talking a paltry 30 billion to charity cases and grandmas in exchange for detonating a 50 megaton nuke on the economy. Makes no sense.
  7. Sure, I would definitely agree with that... However, if it's technically illegal and causes some ginormous lawsuits, is it still that obvious? Anyways, hope you're right and, for the record, I think Summers is a tool.
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    They broke contracts for GM and Chrysler bond holders to "save" the automakers, which was pretty much an after-thought subsequent to Maiden Lane. Seems to me that was a lot more clear cut than triage-ing payouts?
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    Ya, here's to cooler heads. Although, you're right. I wouldn't put anything past BO.