Larry Summers and the Subversion of Economics

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    By Charles Ferguson

    The Obama administration recently announced that Larry Summers is resigning as director of the National Economic Council and will return to Harvard early next year. His imminent departure raises several questions: Who will replace him? What will he do next? But more important, it's a chance to consider the hugely damaging conflicts of interest of the senior academic economists who move among universities, government, and banking.

    Summers is unquestionably brilliant, as all who have dealt with him, including myself, quickly realize. And yet rarely has one individual embodied so much of what is wrong with economics, with academe, and indeed with the American economy. For the past two years, I have immersed myself in those worlds in order to make a film, Inside Job, that takes a sweeping look at the financial crisis. And I found Summers everywhere I turned.

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    Brilliant my ass!!
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    Thank you. He's a shining example of an ivory tower mega moron. It's amazing what gets sold to the public as brilliance. Even more amazing is how easily it's sold to them.
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    This man has left a trail of wreckage everywhere he has been. From Glass-Steagall to "damaging" economic advice. Good riddance.
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    A tax cheat/socialist, socialist/marxist/muslim sympathizer//moron, another Moron.

    obama and his gang of socialist/elitist thugs!

    Hope American Wakes up this possible independence day, 11/2/2010!!!!!
  6. The only qualification for being "brilliant" today is doing well on a standardized test, going to the right school, and having the right friends.

    Your actual effect on the real world? Heck, as you guys say, you can leave a trail of ruin everywhere you go, but somehow you are still, "brilliant". Brilliant at what exactly? Crony capitalism and achieving crony Political and Academic appointments? Brilliant at destroying America's productive economy?

    The meaning of these words has changed to suit the current elite.