Larry Pesavento training?

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  1. Anybody been trained by him? Appears to be a super guy with an impressive,long-term track record. Apparently heavy on Gann type stuff-Gartley,Butterfly(??)-and Fibs.Just curious.
    Wouldn't mind finding a mentor. Thx. GLTA.:)
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    Where do you find his track record?
  3. do a search. numerous places.
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  5. Well...THANK-YOU!! Wow. My education just expands...I appreciate it.
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    If they're so successful, why teach when they can make so much more trading?
  7. aspenboy, i took interest in him years ago. i have been following his calls and commentary for years now. at first, i followed out of true interest, but a while after, simply out of amazement regarding how consistently wrong can a trader be. he's literally the most reliable contrary indicator in the financial world. his 'reverse' consistency is simply phenomenal.

    do a search here on elite, there are some threads about him, in which i've also gave some examples and posted some charts of his.

    anyway, you can always take a free trial or something similar and find out for yourself. i wouldn't advise you to believe me or to believe anybody else - but i would advise you, on the other hand, not to get over excited about him just because his charts look so sophisticated that you can't even read them.
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  9. I have been told by more than one person I trust that he manages substantial amounts of OPM. Wouldn't you EXPECT him to MISDIRECT publicly?
  10. Here are some of his book titles:

    Planetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets by Larry Pesavento

    Astro-Cycles: The Trader's Viewpoint by Larry Pesavento

    Harmonic vibrations: A metamorphosis from traditional cycle theory to astroharmonics by Larry Pesavento

    - draw your own conclusions.
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