Larry O'Donnell To Rep. Steve King: Do You Have A Christian "Card"?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Feb 10, 2011.

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  2. O777;
    Thanks, I missed that news story{Does Rep King have a Christian card of some other means to prove Christianty???}

    Christian literature[like cards,Bibles,Books like Psalms,Proverbs];
    may or may not be an accurate measure...................................

    Some of my Jewish friends own Bibles, havent really claimed to be Christian as of yesterday;
    they simply enjoy reading.


    Something else i look for. Saw a {PLO woman on TV, claming to be a Christian & frankly some former PLO,maybe are Christian ....}.Christians claim to recieve Christ, dying for our sins, according to the Scriptures. And recieving the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus Christ , according to the Scriptures -1 Corinthians 15.]

    But that PLO woman[who claimed to be a Christian ] really was for the destruction of Israel.

    In contrast, several real estate deals involving real Christians & real Jews ;
    which had differences of opinion,LOL,
    were resolved peacably:D

    So time & truth tells
  3. For a Christian, wouldn't the only proof of being a Christian come on Judgment Day?

    I mean, God and Jesus would know that if someone was truly Christian in their heart, right?

    No one else could really know. Their actions? Could be just an act for some non Christian purpose, right?

  4. jem


    The only definitive proof for others would perhaps be on Judgment day...
    But, if you know the peace of God's love, there is no mistaking it.

    But, I also think far fewer people have that peace then proclaim they are Christians.
  5. ================
    You raise some good points. Certainly some actions are not sincere. Some patterns are difficult even when time & truth tells.

    However your first sentence overlooks the truth God is a merciful Judge & he much prefers mercy. Thanks