Larry McMillan's option bibles

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  1. I got the his 2 books "Options As Strategic Investment" and "McMillan On Options". Is it absolutely necessary to read them cover to cover or should I use them like a dictionary to look up only the strategies than interest me? Thanks!
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    are you required to take a test at the end?
  3. yes
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    While you are at it, you can read Natenberg's bible as well.
    After you have done all three, go pick up optioncoach's handbook. It is a must for advanced traders.
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    Yes, I have read "Options as a Strategic Investment" and so should you.....!
  6. Depending on how well versed you already are in options I found the workbook that goes with "options as a strategic inv" which covers the 1st 25 chapters very helpful. Definitely the 1st 25 chapters then the rest later on. Natenberg's was more helpful the second time around when I understood a little more.
  7. After you've read that fluff, you'll have to read Cottle's books.