Larry McMillan's newsletter/mentoring course

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? Both are pretty expensive, but it seems like a solid investment and unless I'm mistaken, Larry has an excellent reputation.
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    Interested as well, I thought I bookmarked his website page with calls performance over the last few years with the intent to get back to it but can't find it anymore.

    It seems that Mc Millan is also Marketwatch editor and paid subscribers get access to some of his writing.
  3. no experience, didn't even know he was still alive

    I know he wrote one of the first, and in my opinion the very best books on options

    he's a very good teacher, clear, slow, and methodical (at least in his book)

    buy the book, exhaust all the free info you can get (including here on et), paper trade, and start small, then you will know better if paying for help will benefit you

    how much does the news letter cost?
  4. The daily newsletter is $350 per month. Detailed performance statistics over the last decade are on his site...they look pretty impressive if accurate. I am on a one week free trial now.

    I learned to do options from his books. Above is the results table. Maybe I am blind but I don't see where he does all that great... and he does a lot of different types of trades.

    Also something to realize is Larry is getting pretty long in the tooth and maybe his time is past.

    Who is the next big deal in options trading??
  6. very astute observation on your part

    whenever buying a horse

    or getting married

    or getting trading advice

    Always check their teeth
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    Hey OP,

    Any thoughts on this since you signed up for the trial?

    I signed up for his weekly newsletter when he had a big discount on. Initially it seemed well thought out, and I do like some of the indicators, but I'm not to thrilled with his trades or market perspective. Especially when he overlays a graph of the market in the 1920s (or so if I remember correctly) with the current market, implying that they follow the same pattern forward.
  8. I signed up for a free one-week trial to his daily newsletters. I enjoyed reading them, but quickly realized that if I'm looking for trade ideas, all I need is the scanner in Livevol. Way more powerful.
  9. I shouldn't judge, since he's a legend and I am just a neophyte, but perhaps you are right. I'm not sure Larry has evolved to stay ahead of everyone else.
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