Larry Lavin book 'How I Made 1.9 Million...'

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  1. Does anyone own a copy of this book?

    Larry Lavin book 'How I Made 1.9 Million...'
  2. Bob111


    damn..people write the books about couple mil's..which is really a pocket change today..maybe i should write a book too..
  3. Larry Lavin book 'How I Made 1.9 Million...starting with only $5, an Elite Trader account, and a grade school education.

    No RElation
  4. 1970's reference that many here won't "get". :p
  5. many here dont get any reference from any age
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    That's Baron von Tayback, the guy who started ET!
  7. He wrote a book and sold courses from his site , clever guy!
  8. +1

    Trully pocket change when Facebook worths 60B.

    Some people do not understand that money is no longer the same thing.
  9. I bought it 4-5 years ago(?)... Disappointing, of course. Asked for a refund. The offered a "tour of their online work"... which if I wanted to pay for it seemed negotiable in price... depending upon how much they thought I could afford.. but in any case, started around $2,000/month.
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    Same here, bought it around that time frame. It was disappointing. Nothing about how he traded in it.
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