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  1. It’s hilarious to watch Larry Kudlow on CNBC spin any piece of bad news into something positive. Market down 700 points, we must be near a bottom. Oil down, more disposable income. I swear if a nuclear bomb went off in the middle of NYC he would say that this is good because it will create a boom in the construction and radiation clean up industries. How can anyone take him seriously?
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    I agree. IMO he's the most annoying person on CNBC. And that's saying something.
  3. Have you noticed he has dropped the Kudlow creed, he would end every show with the Kudlow creed.

    “Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity”
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    He may have dropped but that doesn't mean its not true.
  5. He was worried while walking the NYSE floor.

    Must be a contrarian signal to BUY!
  6. Anything is better than "Jabba the Haines," in the morning. Even Kudlow
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    They should just change to hot chicks in string bikinis pointing at stock charts like weather girls and be done with it.
  8. Kudlow is so extreme he actually makes Oberman look sane, rational and unbiased. Locking these two nitwits together in a padded cell would be fitting punishment for both of them.
  9. Morning Joe is a bad show

    Nothing is worse than mad money though
  10. CNBC morphs. When they do something horrible, they simply paste it over, then add little commentary, until months later, they have taken the high ground, and made it theirs.

    This morning, Chanos said Patrick Byrne was right. Not so much as a whimper from Becky Quick, who, as Cramer's producer, is probably all over Gradient's emails. Not so much as a 'harrumptf' from Kernan. They just let it pass.

    This morning, after they cried and cried about the short sellers being banned, not so much as a mention of the MS carnage.
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