Larry Kudlow says Iran is why we tanked

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  1. Something about Iran, but crude fell 78 cents humm strange.
  2. Here is where Kudlow gets his intel:

  3. F him and his goldilox economy.

    But Iran and fear and uncertainty would be good for a nice sell off. Maybe they will nuke Israel?
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  5. You have something against Israel?
  6. No, they will not nuke Israel.
  7. No,not at all but Iran does...

    Israel has one of the best Army's in the world. Last year I was hoping they would wipe Lebanon off the face of the map. Wipe off Palestine too while we're at it.

    I do have something against Kudlow, Cramer, etc... permabulls or people that say buy high, sell higher(Eric Bolling). Buy this dip, that dip, "don't worry, we'll just keep breaking all time high's". Buying overbought DOW stocks in a credit bubble happy market has never made me money and never will. I have this friend that uses the CANSLIM approach, I never believed in it...

    Maybe I just like being a contrarian and going against the grain,

  8. Just out of curiosity, are you including the 40% of Lebanon that is Christian, or would you prefer they just wipe out the Muslims?

  9. Lebanon is(was trying to be) a rather peaceful place. They've unfortunately had their share of people bossing them around and telling them what to do and how to do it. Remember Hairiri?!

    Iran is another story and from what I've understood of Iran is that the peopel inside Iran for the most part desperately want to be a westernized nation. Inner forces make that difficult obviously.

    Iraq was a big mistake. Too bad otherwise Bush may have actually had a hand in actually helping shape something that would lead to a positive in that part of the world. Instead he did the exact opposite.
  10. Just the Muslims (the bad ones).
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