Larry Kudlow is a crach head--read

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Warrior4g, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. not only does he constantly spew his "golilocks' nonsense but he said something last week that i found quite disturbing coming from a guy who is a supposed economic expert. last week,the day that AT&T announced that people were missing payments on their phone and internet bills,the consumer credit number came out and it was much higher than the estimate. what does Kudlow say? he says the much higher than consumer credit estimate offset the bad news from AT&T and the consumer credit number says the consumer is spending and healthy. is he friggin kidding me! if retail sales are coming in much worse than expected and people cannot pay their phone bills but yet consumer credit reached an all time high;what does that say? it says credit cards are maxed out. how can that idiot not see that.
  2. Kudlow probably understands everything. It's just that his job is to cheerlead and paint a rosy picture, regardless of the deception and lies... just like the rest of them bastards.. Paulson, Bernanke, Bush, and more.
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    Why pay any attention to him, he is just a neo game show host. Same with Cramer. I see people referencing these people as if they mattered. If you watch to fade them or see what is being doled out to the sheep then fair enough, but they might as well be standing there in sequinned leotards - they should be taken about as seriously as if they were.
  4. I saw Ben Stein on Kudlow yesterday, what a absolute fool. Or an absolute liar.