Larry Kudlow and Art Laffer..

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  1. What's up with these guys..Will they go down with the American Supply Side Ship. Even permabull, Joe Battabaglia, seems to be disagreing with these two douche bags..
  2. I used to like Kudlow...Now he talkes over people and yells his ideas.
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    Flytiger nailed it in another post:
    "Why listen to any man where you know what he's going to say before he says it?
    That will save you from most politicians..... no, all politicians."

    And that braying jackass Kudlow is just another politician.

    I hate to admit it but I occasionally watch his show because of the guests --
    until I lose my ability to tune Kudlow out.
    And the rest of those CNBC puppets act like his crap is gospel.

    As Benny Hill would say (in his Chinaman imitation) --
    "What a road of clap".
  4. It's an occupational hazard with 12 steppers. They can't deviate at all from the prescribed script.

    Otherwise their whole world goes to shizznat.
  5. i cant fukn stand kudlow he's about as bad as that other dipshit on worthless cnbc cosmo kramer
  6. I had my fill of Kudlow a long time ago. After watching him, I can understand why he became an alcoholic. He is so ungodly boring that he makes me want to take a drink just to drown my pain......
  7. They're very good friends, and have business relationships, which is why it's a journalistic conflict of interest for Kudlow to even have him on the damn show.

    As if that matters to Kudlow.

    Later, he became chief economist and senior managing director of Bear, Stearns & Company (until his resignation in March 1995). He also served as an economic counsel to A.B. Laffer & Associates, which is the San Diego, California, company of Arthur Laffer, a major supply-side economist who is said to have drawn the Laffer curve, explaining the principle that low taxation can actually lead to increased government revenues, on cocktail napkins during the Gerald R. Ford presidency in the late 1970s.
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    They are the two biggest bulls I have ever seen, even if the markets dropped 15% in a day and went into a bear market for 5 years both would be even more bullish.
  9. Kudlow's a bright guy. I was poaching his research back in the late 80's early 90's when he was at Bear and both him and Ed Hyman are very creative, outside the box economists.

    Kudlow was an unrelenting bull on the 02/03 lows when NO ONE was bullish. He was not only right but he was right for the right reasons.

    Me being a perma bear, I get tired of the bullish talk 24/7 but I'd be ignorant to not recognize that Kudlow knows his shit....
  10. And I'm sure he was bullish in 1999, just before the bubble burst.
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