Larry Connors' Windows strategy for sale

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sadak, Jul 6, 2003.

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    how was it?
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    Pros: Easy to scan stocks meeting the Windows criteria. Good backtesting data (shown in the module). Good trade management tips.

    Cons: Trades last 2-4 days but most entries and exits are at the open or close. Not suitable for daytrading. Following Larry's trade management tips would require daily watch on the trades as well.
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    Sorry if I kill your sales, but..

    If anyone actually wants the strategy, PM me.. it can be explained in about 10 lines of text.
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    IMO - Its definitely worth 75 bucks if it matches one's multiday trading style.
  6. I have his strategy and I think its cute and makes sense. I believe it is profitable.. but its far from complete.

    You really need to use much more filters than the basic ones he provides. If you use something like all stocks greater than 20 and average volume greater than $1mil and throw in all of his strategies.. in a strong uptrend period like right now.. you can easily get over 100 long prospects..

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    Trend Fader - I agree with you on narrowing the list. I used to do it based on how he ranked various windows and then, if required, based on other technical factors.
  8. I've never traded the window's strategy, but I have tested it a few times. For people who use TS and follow Mark Conway's work, he supplies free code for Connor's strategy.

    It seems to work particularily well on ETF's.
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    Dgabriel - Its not the book. It is CD-ROM trading module.
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