Larry Connors Interactive Trading Course 4 sale on EBay (retails $1500)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by doubleking, Apr 28, 2004.

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    Be honest......Did you learn anything?

    Dave Scott
  2. You bet!

    Here is just a few things pop out of my head,

    The exit strategy is something I have never seen before and made a lot of sense. Without getting into details let me just say it's not just price based.

    The exit strategy, when to initial long or short position, how much to allocate long/short position, combined with the whole portfolio management technique achieves the goal of smoother equity curve. This is something you would only be concerned when your account size is big or managing other people's money.

    As a stock trader for the past 9 years, I become more and more concerned about not only how much return I got, but also how smooth a path I get there. I've seen few eduational material addresses in this area, which makes sense. It's not a novice topic.

    Hope this helps
  3. if that product is from i can asuure you it is overpriced ripoff. they love to take $20-$50 books... put it on a cd-rom .. and then charge $395 - $795 for it....pretty gutsy...........
  4. I mostly agree with you. Here are a few more points.

    1. No matter how much it will be worse, I found great stuff from this course. Not I got it, I sell.

    2. If I am a potential buyer and see someone else is selling the original copy of this course, I would jump on it considering what a bargain I am getting from nowhere else. One more trick, the 2nd buyer on bears the least amount of risk as he can sell it and get most of his cost back:)

    3. This was recorded from a week long seminar and you don't see other training material of the same magnitude cost much less.

    4. I have the same feeling you got. Which is TradingMarkets is not the same as early days. It seems every guy they brought on has the agenda of doing some training courses. And the whole site is a shopping bag of expensive courses, subscriptions, etc.

    5. With that said, I have total respect for a few guys there.
  5. Sorry, the above should be read as,

    1. No matter how much it should be worth, I found great stuff from this course. Now I got it, I sell.
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    hi shipping is kind of expensive but is this course good? Have you try it? Appreciate if you could post some comments on the usefulness of the course.