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  1. Hi

    Have you guys read any of Larry Connors books. I thought Jeff Cooper was the only guy to have the ba((( to charge outrageous prices. But Connors takes the prize, hes charging 175. I wonder if either one of these guys strategies would hold up to testing?
  2. I was considering testing out the strategies from Jeff Cooper's and Larry Conner's books myself with the software they have that has all the set ups already programmed into a module you can use to run screens on Tradestation or Metastock that they sell on their site at under the software tab.
    Has anyone tried out these software modules and if so what type of results have you achieved trading these set ups?
  3. i don't konw connors as well... but 175 is way too little to pay for anything by cooper... he is a god nuff said... but i haven't read either's book.
  4. JC screening formulars :


    if you have MetaStock, you may find this link very useful :

    Please keep in mind, that JC likes to use rather illiquid stocks for most of his screen-setups ( i.e avg. vol < 400K shares / day ).

    So you may consider using a volume filter in your MetaStock exploration.

    Good Luck
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    Befor you buy books do a search for them at

    I was able to by street smarts by l. conners and linda bradford raschke for 122.00 +3.95 s&h from

    Regular price is 175.00

    (God bless the internet)

    Hope this helps...

  6. NKNY

    Can you tell me whats in that book that deserves that price?
    Usually i go to the nearest bookstore for a browse through before i buy, but no store carries it in stock.


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    I only purshased it because of linda bradford. I have come to idolize her..

    They go on and explain various setups that they trade.
    I think i only felt comfortable with 3 of them.

    One of my favorites that I would trade is a gap open trade against the trend with the adx above 30.

    If the trend is down and a stock gaps open to the upside, has an adx above 30 you are to have a resting order to short a tick below where it would close the gap. reverse
    for buys.

    I dont remember the name of this setup..i have the book at home but I'm not there.

    I'm half way through the book... but have looked at all the setups.

    Is it worth 175... The book does have some nice setups that i would use but have not had the chance yet. I'm sure a couple of trades will pay for it...... 175 is a little steep and the reason that kept me from buying but 122 felt better. like I said ...i only bought because of linda.

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    I've got a like-new copy I'll sell for 100 bucks if anyone's interested.

  9. Hi Privateer!!

    Have you tried any of those formualas in Metastock yourself?
    If so how did they turn out?

  10. Hi Sterling,

    Yes, I did. I'd say, they aren't any better or worse than other, so called "promising" patterns.
    I made money on about 60% of those trades. Which is not any better than my ususal average.

    A good thing is clearly :
    You make your screening on EOD Data and have your list ready for the coming trading day. You are prepared and you have a plan what to do if x happens.
    If a stocks doesn't hit the trigger-price, you're not in the trade - so you can't loose any money.

    However, JC's strategies are working best with illiquid stocks - or say stocks who make large moves on little volume. JC himself emphasizes in his books, to use this strategies with stocks trading on daily volumes below 400K on average.

    It happened quite often, that the trigger-price was reached on the open the other trading day. You wanted to buy but the next price levels were a 1/4 , 1/2 or even more than 1 point away from the ideal JC entry.
    You may take the trade anyway and set your stop. But all of a sudden, the next quote is 1/2 point or more against your trade, with nothing in between.

    Now what to do ? wait for the next full point against you ?
    In many cases, I decided to pull the trigger and got out of the trade at a small loss. In some cases, I could have made money by staying in the trade, in most others, it was the better decision.

    How JC's screens work with more liquid issues ? Well, I'll post some lists for trading later today on this board. Have a look yourself.

    I am going to post only long trades !

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