Larry Connors 4-Video Course

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    Larry Connors' "Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed' video course. Consists of 4 videos and a comprehensive manual. According to Connors this is the best market timing system available today at any price. Includes his 20 best timing strategies, including Connors VIX Reversal (CVRs) 1 thru 14, 4 market reversal strategies, and 2 TRIN strategies. Includes the most powerful CVR signal that is so reliable Connors will put on a 100% position on this one signal alone. Connors reveals his personal matrix approach that looks at all 20 signals and determines how large a position to put on, e.g., one-fourth, one-half, three-fourths, or a full position based on the history of the combined signals. Many of the signals give the trader a edge approaching 70%. Larry Connors is presumably one of the top traders today. This $895 complete course is yours for $450.

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