largest print ever seen?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mcelitetrader, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Out of curiosity...with triple witching today and lots of strange fills and massive orders the question arises.

    What is the largest trade anyone has ever seen...?

    Obviously share price has an take that into account...

    I had a NEM print of 288 300 shares on a 49.80 stock...1.44million bucks....and it happened 2 mins aftermarket today....guy must have soiled his briches right before that went down...
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    make that $14 357 340. My respect goes to the joker that put the order through.
  3. I'm no after hours guru, but can't you show much larger size than you actually have to trade in AH? I thought I read that on the NAZ's website, that you can bluff your size.
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    That's nothing. Just looking at block prints for today, there are plenty of 9-figure prints. The biggest few:

    XOM 6.8M@61.80
    MSFT 14.0M@27.50
    GE 11.0M@34.55
    XOM 5.8M@61.05
    MSFT 12.9M@27.38
    C 6.3M@47.52
  5. What about the day that XOM traded 24million in one print at around 57 bucks a share. Stocked dropped a dollar instantly. Not bad slippage considering thats 1.368 billion dollars.... hehe
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    I have to question some of the trades that went through today....when fat prints go through like that and the stock doesnt collapse like that XOM!

    so whats the logic....blasting it all at a trader getting fried and just wants to get out.....? to hell with minor moves....?

    With a huge offer coming out on a stock and wiping through so many levels these huge offers get just brutal average fills....isnt it worth hammering a still massive position through then killing the traders that try to fill the vacuum with the rest of the shares. I mean if im screwed for a billion dollars....i would pull some of the postion wouldnt I?....haha....

    Ive heard of unwinding a position but thats insane!!
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    Most of those are arranged/negotiated/MOC trades. Someone doesn't usually walk up and say "gimme a million".

    FWIW, I went back about 5 weeks, and there are just two more trades that are bigger than the smallest one I noted above:

    CHK 18.4M@31.70
    BRL 5.3M@66.80

    Total of 106 9-figure trades, and around 5000 8-figure trades, in the time period.
  8. just for laughs...

    I don't do large blocks but instead just keep blocks the size of current flow.

    Once had 31 partial fills that wound up on separate T&S pages which the broker dutifully saved and printed and FedEx'ed to a third party for me.
  9. there was no slippage on that trade; it was talked to exhaustion on bloomie. it was a negotiated trade and the guy went out at a sligtly better price than the xom current price prior to his trade: the $1 decline was caused by the liquidation itself.
  10. Of course there was slippage on the trade. The market was a buck higher at the time, and I bought 6k on the print down....made an easy .50 on it. Whose stock do you think I bought?
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