Largest Military Recall Since 1941?

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  1. Largest Military Recall Since 1941?

    Right Soup
    November 21, 2008

    Right Soup is hearing that a General Mobilization of ALL former military officers is underway. We caution that the talk we are hearing is conflicting, and that no concrete evidence has been uncovered yet. Still, reports from some who would be affected say that letters began going out on November 17th to all Non Commissioned Officers to recall them to service. Letters to Warrant Officers and Sergeants will go out this coming week. Reportedly some retired military have already gotten their letters. Right Soup is actively searching for scans of said letters, and for confirmation of this news.

    A General Mobilization is VERY serious, about as serious as it gets. The Posse Comitatus of 1878 , which limits the use of the military for law enforcement is possibly being cast aside, if the rumored mobilization is for domestic enforcement. The Act can be set aside Executive Order of the President. Bottom line is, something big has to be imminent for this to be happening.

    All sectors of society would be affected by this recall; there are doctors, lawyers, policemen, accountants, mechanics etc…it would be a huge disruption of society. For this to be happening would mean the “threat” is something which would occur within the next 3 months. A mobilization of this magnitude would be impossible to hide, so there would be a public pretext issued soon.

    American Electric Power, one of the nation’s largest electricity providers, has reportedly moved 45-50 housing trailers to it’s Gavin power plant in Ohio. These trailers are equipped with beds and MREs, and reportedly many power facilities are doing the same thing AEP is doing. There is also chatter about some of our battleships mobilizing to the Persian Gulf. Could something be happening with Iran? Or could our military be preparing for a domestic problem?

    Right Soup is investigating this information right now. We will be reporting back with more on this possibly blockbuster happening, and are actively seeking concrete evidence. We are actively seeking photocopies/scans of recall letters.

    Continued with video............
  2. Iran?


    Obama birth certificate supreme court review December 5th?

    Joe Biden GENERATED crisis?

    Colin Powell "Meet the Press" January 20th or 21st there will be a crisis call?

    The grand SET UP is ahead?????
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    You are the biggest conspiracy nut this side of the UFO abduction freaks. Why not wait until you get your recall letter as confirmation before posting this crap?
  4. Either way you are blowing things way out of proportion crisis wise.

    5 fighter jets could completely eliminate the threat of Iran in about 10 minutes.

    The only thing i can think of when it comes to a mass mobilization is that some type of intel has heard that some or multiple countries are planning an attack. What countries is the question.

    Realistically thinking there would have to be the mobilization of a significant majority of the world in order to take out the US military and it's technology which seems entirely unrealistic.

    Of course anyone willing to decrease the size of the military would make it easier of course but still.
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    I'm calling bullshit. Ain't happening.
  6. preparing for the food riots that are going to come once the market crash completely has immobilized the country
  7. No need for a war. Just cut off all support for the US and the US will crumble from within. US cannot survive without the rest of the world.

    May happen by default when the US dollar becomes junk....
  8. What detailed things do you presume happening if all support is cut off?
  9. - is the US able to manufacture their essentials without imports
    - are the essential services serviced from inside the US (e.g. powerplants, sewage treatment plants, electricity distribution net, a lot is controlled from India?)
    - where does the oil come from?
    - are the ships able to navigate if there are no satellites?
    - where will you leave your rubbish when China no longer is importing it?
    - where are your computers coming from, where is your chip, hard disk drive industry? (all exported)
    - where is a lot of software being written?

    So much of the computers is manufactured in Asia that if China would invade Taiwan and then decides to stop exports the US would be screwed. You may be lucky if you can get a plane of the ground or a ship out of the harbour or a car out of town....

    Not to forget China recently experimented with taking out a satelite....

    What do we know what is up?

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    It's not necessarily war activity, it can very well be to stop the soon to be ex-GM workers and those who depend on the auto sector to burn Detroit to the ground.
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