Largest industries in the world?

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  1. Been looking around and I'm actually having trouble finding this,

    I was hoping for a list or something but I can't seem to find one.

    I believe some of the largest industries are oil and gas, insurance, automotive, food, but I can't find a definitive list or ranking can you guys help?
  2. Weapons and drugs are the top two, not sure which order they are in...
  3. Do you attend UMass or UConn? :confused:
  4. emg


    u left out one industry

    The Government. unlimited money, unlimited power, unlimited armed forces, etc etc etc
  5. I would a countries money supply as more of a credit line than an industry - though the debt would fall in the realm of the banking/finance industry
  6. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, State and Local Government employed 19.5 million people in 2010. After that, the next largest sectors are Professional and Business Services with 16.7M and Health Care and Social Assistance at 16.4M. Interestingly, ten years previously, the Manufacturing sector was over 17M but it has slipped in the last decade to 11.5M. behind even Leisure and Hospitality (13M) and Retail (14.4M).
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