large volume on the close XOM

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    i really dont know what is going on here could someone explain why the large order above the bid or offer on XOM

    XOM close 60.60

    bid 60.50 ask 60.65

    here is what the tape is showing me

    4.15 61.02 vol 47,400
    4.19 61.04 vol 1,551,800
    4.20 61.02 vol 28,700
    4.21 60.64 vol 2,500

    i dont understand the large vol with for offer bid movement

    does this have to do with futures EOD settlements and FV :confused: or MOC orders :confused:

    please help
  2. It appears these two large trades were average price trades probably executed over the course of the day then put on the tape after the close.

    The condition code definition for an Average Price Trade according to Bloomberg - A trade where the price reported is based on an average of the prices for transactions in a security during or any portion of the trading day.

    Hope that helps.
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    thanks for the info rarhoads

    similar or the same to a VWAP order