Large traders revealing positions should be illegal...

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    Since when has wall street been ethical?
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  2. I'm not quite sure why anyone would use stops in stocks unless you leveraged more than 1-2...

    They don't exactly move much... :/

    I disagree with the OP about more disclosure rules...

    Trading is a game. Love it or leave it.

    Seen many idiots come on CNBC and make their stocks move...
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    He didn't have a hard stop. He went in and took it out himself as he had no idea how many morons would listen to the guy and was watching the stock crap. I don't think he uses any margin, just has his rules and sticks to them.
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    I guess I'll add, as you mention one of my pet peeves, trading is not a game unless you have another job and are rich all ready. This is my job, and my friend does have another job, but is looking forward to retiring early as a result of treating his trading as a job. Is there game theory involved, yea you bet. Every business is based on game theory, and outcomes have probabilities. Cripes nuclear war, and war in general is based on game theory whether the idiots playing it know it or not.
    That being said game theory does not mean it is a game. People who gamble for a living aren't playing a game they are a business that makes decisions just like all businesses based on likely outcomes. Pro athletes are the same. It isn't a game in the sense of fun and "oh golly gee I lost" it is their business and they have to assess everything to make their careers last and maximize income.
    Sorry if I over read your comment, but have people say that all the time when I tell them what I do for a living. Depending on who it is I often ask if I can go sit at their desk for a day and collect their paycheck, and they can go sit at my computers and collect my paycheck, if they can.
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