Large short position on BRK.A

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by KINGOFSHORTS, May 2, 2008.

  1. So anyone here take a large short position this friday for monday. With that -64% announcement it will be easy money folks. :)
  2. they'll be back to 5 digits!
  3. I never know what to make of this stock. There is 1 person who has earnings est for it.

    You have to figure people expected a slow down in brk
  4. BRK has always traded on its perceived asset value, not on its earnings.
  5. Tom631


    Are both Berkshire's, the expensive one and the other less expensive one always available to short like most other stocks are?
  6. Div_Arb


    Oh yeah sure - fire $133k per share short against the best investor going right now.. Brilliant!! I bet you saw that coming a mile away!!

    I really believe you have some sort of 'large' short position on BRKA (coughing noise.. >>Bullshit<<) Who loaned you the shares? Keep on paper trading, douchebag.
  7. jjk2


    couldn't have put it any better myself :D
  8. I'd gladly pay $40/month to a trader's site with paid membership. This site has become a joke (I am truly sorry, Baron. I hope you're making money). To view any decent content you have to wade through these multi-alias flame war threads in every section of the site. That coupled with this kind of fantasy thread makes it a real slog.
  9. was it getting crossed down after hours?
  10. Tom631


    Can anyone tell me if they are both shortable or not?
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