Large ON LUX

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Luxottica bought Oakley.
    Luxottica branching into China.
    At olympics lots of sports goggles and Oakley eyewear.
    Chines look good in oakley frames.
    2007 Sales $7.7 BILLION this is no small company folks.
    > LUX has 113 outlets in Guangdong & Xueliangprovince due to Ming Long purchase (don't ask). 28 stores in Shanghai ( Modern Sight ) purchase. In total 270 stores and 1 LensCrafters letr us not forget that prospect. Stoney is good with China plays I like LUX.

    >> Also directly in China: CHDX I bought today and I'm looking at HMIN again. ~ peace