Large(ish) Estoxx flow today...

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  1. Mar10 expiry, 3000-3400 1x2 call spread; 10k bought at 54, ref 2720.
  2. More, but not of the same...

    40k Dec9 2600 puts bought at 120.6, ref 2715
    Another 40k clip was bought yest, as well as 15k of the 2500 puts.
  3. They were also sold yesterday and today. You dont know the motivation behind which ever party initiated the trade nor do you know what they have on or did vs those trades. basically that info in nice but not of much value.
  4. Indeed, I believe that's what I said.

    As to the motivation, etc, I might know or I might not. I suspect I probably know more than you think.

    At any rate, I'll happily post no more, as this information is unnecessary or confusing/misleading.
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    Hey, please keep posting, it may not have much value for most, but it's entertaining, if nothing else.
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    Where are you getting the info from?
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    He's the one executing them. :D
  8. Actually you indicated both times they were "bot" What I was pointing out is they were sold too and you simply don’t know which side initiated the trade, were they opening buys? Buy to close? Opening shorts? Or sell to close?

    Insinuating you know more than you post is rather pointless, since you’ve offered no proof. No offense but you can insinuate you’re the King of Siam too and it would hold as much meaning.
    It’s a rather good free and open forum so for what it’s worth post till your heart’s content!!

    There was another forum or blog around I forget the URL which people posted what they thought were significant options trades. I found it pretty amusing how they would ohh and ahh as 2 or 3 thousand lots and believe that they all knew all about the trades from the prints. Made for good laughs.
  9. Yes, I am, in fact, aware that a trade normally involves a buy and a sell. The obvious question, as I am sure you know, my friend xflat, is who 'bot' and who 'sold'. Now I know that the flows I specifically mentioned above involve paper buying and the mkt-maker selling. As to whether these were new trades or profit-taking, I am reasonably confident they were new positions, but I do not know with certainty. I'll let you conjecture how I know these things.

    As you correctly point out ,there's no way to tell whether I truly know what I am talking about or not. I might be the King of Siam and/or I might be completely full of sh1t. I applaud your skepticism. I can only say that this is the nature of all information in the mkt, isn't it? Nothing is ever certain and we have to painstakingly extract tiny grains of truth out of massive amounts of bullshit. I am happy to not post if people think it's bullshit that cannot be adequately processed.

    As to your last point, you'll notice I don't post flows unless they're reasonably meaningful in size.

    At any rate, no panic. Peace and have a good w/e, ye good people of ET!
  10. It sounds to me as if we both agree that posting of market trades is of no particular value. I would also add IMO the phrase "meaningful size" needs a qualifier, to some 3000 or 4000 is not a whole lot to others it’s a lifetime of trading.
    Rather than beat around the bush, if that’s a position you opened why not say so and why.
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