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    I want to transfer a large christmas video file over the internet. It is too big for email (88 meg). What is the easiest free way to do it? tia
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  3. Maybe one of you guys can help me out. I have a bunch of music on my computer but I am just now getting an external HD together so that I can use Acronis TrueImage for regular backup. I have a bunch of music in this folder

    C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\Shared

    Is there any easy way for me to send the entire contents of this file to yousendit? My problem is, when I try to i.e. highlight the first item in the (long) list and then hold 'shift' or 'control' down to select every song or file in the folder, it doesn't work. I have never seen a folder with a number of items in it which I could not selectively choose from using this technique. I can only highlight one song at a time no matter what I do.

    The whole contents obviously runs into the Gigs.

    How can I get this entire file to yousendit in a format which I can then re-load onto this or another machine if I choose?
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    Zip it into 1 file
  5. Of course. I will show my ignorance and admit that although I have unzipped countless files, I have never zipped one. Off to give it a try.

  6. I think he may have meant to just dump whatever contents you're sending into a new folder and THEN send *that* 1 folder instead of all the individual files (without necessarily zipping it)?
  7. Ummmm... okay. I'll give that a try too. I just wonder why I would have to do that... it's already in a folder, right? If I create a new folder, and then dump the contents into the new folder... but maybe this 'Shared folder' has some charatceristics that are specific to the file-sharing software that created it? So you are saying that maybe I will be able to select everything in the folder if it is a new folder and not this 'Shared' folder? Hmmm...
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    Put what you want to send into a new folder and then zip that folder so that you have something that is recognised by Yousendit as 1 file - a folder is not.
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    It won't let you upload a folder nor will it let you selct all files so the solutuion is to zip folder. Been there before.
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