Large ECN Quotes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dedicated1, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. I'm seeing a lot more Ecns showing large size at or near the inside. Of course this is nothing new but I am seeing a lot more of it going on in the last week or so. What gives.?
  2. That's me.
  3. WinSum


    The zero key on my keyboard got stuck.

  4. Good One. Seriously though, I've seen it a lot lately. I mean like 50K on an illiquid stock. The 4 of 5 times I came across this today, it was a good for a scalp. Once it drove straight through.
  5. With the ECN fees going bye-bye it just makes it easier to get into a stock with some size. No need to go through NYSE to save on the cost....