large delay when trading against TMBR

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  1. mskl


    For the first time, I noticed some of my stock orders trading against TMBR (NVLS and SEPR). The problem is there is a large delay (approx 5 seconds) before TMBR decides to take the other side of your order. And one time, I didn't get a fill from TMBR and I missed a SuperSoes order. (ie, I was trying to buy 1000 shares of NVLS at $52.51 (offered by a Nasdaq MM), there was a delay of about five to seven seconds then my order turned green and was routed to Island and I missed the trade. I could tell it was being "looked at" because your order does not turn green immediately as it normally does and would be sent to Island if there is NO available offer. In the next few minutes, I did two NVLS trades in which there was a small delay (the order did not turn green) but this time I got filled by TMBR.

    This is NOT suppose to happen and I will be detailing the actual trade for IB management.

    anyone else notice this??

    BTW TMBR appears under the EXCH column in your executions box
  2. mbg


    personally, i wouldn't doubt the "delay" was just normal IB slowness every so often. I received a TMBR fill on KLAC that executed as fast as an ISLD order.

    just my 2 cents
  3. mskl


    no, it wasn't a technical issue.

    Check your fills for TMBR and you will see there is a delay.

    I trade enough to know.................
  4. mskl

    I had two orders filled via TMBR this moring (EBAY) and did not notice any delays in getting filled.
    The IB system though was unreliable today (got booted out couple of times)so had to stop trading.
  5. mskl


    i just did a test on NVLS (where TMBR) has an interest and noticed that my fills were better when trading against them. They were instant. I will still send my complaint to IB management for a response for what happenned earlier.

    thanks for the responses
  6. shneed


    I've been having the same problem with NYSE stocks in the morning and late afternoon. I thought it was just a problem with IB, but your observation makes sense. Sent an e-mail to customer service, waiting for response. Maybe DEF will appear and answer this question. Buy the way, in the stocks that you trade does TMBR take both sides or just one?

  7. mskl


    both sides

    I had a few more trades with TMBR later in the day with NO problem (instant fill). However, all these trades were for 100 - 500 shares.

    I had delays on four earlier trades with TMBR. All these trades were for 1,000 shares. I'm not sure if volume makes a differance in how your order is routed but I will find out soon enough.
  8. shneed


    Here's the reply from IB:

    Dear Trader,

    Thank you for your email. Here is a link to our web site
    that explains the change in colors:

    John W
    IB Customer Service

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxon 04/17/2002 03:18:44 PM

    cc: (bcc: Help/Interactivebrokers)

    Subject: Trade Issues

    Subject: Trade Issues
    Topic: Order Entry Problems
    User Name: xxxxxx
    Full Name: xxxxxxxx
    Account Num:xxxxxx
    E-mail: xxxxxxxx
    Hello, For the past 3 days I am
    having a problem placing orders for NYSE stocks.
    When I place an order it stays blue
    for about 30 seconds then goes green. This
    only happens for NYSE issues and usually in
    the morning or late afternoon. Do you know
    what could be the cause of this? Thank
    you, xxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. mskl


    I just got an email from the chairman who said that they were having some problems and "would disconnect it until it is fixed"
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    I don't think your problems are related.
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