Large Cap Sentiment Poll

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What will dominate the next few years?

  1. Small Cap

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  2. Mid Cap

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  3. Large Cap

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  4. Foreign

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  1. It appears that small cap has absolutely dominated the last few years. What do you believe will dominate the next few years?
  2. large caps already dominatin' this yr and prolly will for yrs to come.
  3. believe it or not Historically Small cap value dominates...but i think goin forward the inefficiences of investing and evaluationg the foreign markets as well as foreigners beginning to invest in threir own counties start to take placea on a more accepted level and those markets far outpace as they have so many years of "catching up"

  4. Are you absolutely certain that the small cap value is historically the best? I didnt really drill down into the data, but I use calculator to get different views of the market. You can use the calculator to go mtd, qtd, ytd, 1-11 years out.

    According to their 11 year outlook, it appears that Mid-Cap Value seems the most aggressive. In all cases, value does seem to outpace growth stocks.

    Russell 3000® Index 9.85
    Russell 3000® Growth Index 6.85
    Russell 3000® Value Index 12.07
    Russell 3000E™ Index --
    Large-Cap Indexes

    Russell 1000® Index 9.90
    Russell 1000® Growth Index 7.03
    Russell 1000® Value Index 11.97
    Russell Top 200® Index 9.12
    Russell Top 200® Growth Index 6.68
    Russell Top 200® Value Index 11.13
    Russell Top 50™ Index --
    Mid-Cap Indexes

    Russell Midcap® Index 12.66
    Russell Midcap® Growth Index 9.34
    Russell Midcap® Value Index 14.10
    Small-Cap Indexes

    Russell 2000® Index 10.16
    Russell 2000® Growth Index 5.62
    Russell 2000® Value Index 14.01
    Russell 2500™ Index 11.92
    Russell 2500™ Growth Index 7.83
    Russell 2500™ Value Index 14.37

    As well, looking at the S&P indexes, it does appear that mid-cap value has dominated the last 10 years.
  5. I went to to compare the S&P and Russell data with their indexes.

    Here are the indexes I found with at least 10 years of time:

    S&P500, Created 1976, 12.1%
    Large Cap Growth, 1992, 9.36%
    Large Cap Value, 1992, 11.69%
    Total Stock Market, 1992, 10.57%

    Small Cap Index, 1960, 11.09%
    Extended Market (Smal to mid caps), 1987 11.98%

    Total International Stock Index, 1996, 6.36% UH-OH!