Large Breasted TV Newscasters........

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  1. ...I predict massive number of hits, and that this thread will take on a life of it's own.

    Have at it fellow pervs........

    ( Hi Liz. Don't watch your show, but I'm a fan!)
  2. hey hey hey!
  3. harry11


    haha this thread will definitely riiisee..
  4. Lucrum


    A picture is worth a thousand words.
  5. harry11


    I'm still waiting for that picture. If I could access them from work, I would have done it by now..
  6. Ahhhhhh trust me oh doubting one. They will start to magically appear, each with some lewd, lacivious comment attached by leering, but bored traders waiting for a setup.
  7. <img src=""/>
  8. See???? Like magic. And original!!!
  9. topdown


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    Just Wow
  10. I think she likes Rick. That, or the air was way down.

    Build a thread, and they will come!! :D
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