Large Asian Market Decline To Begin Soon

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDODGE, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. We will see how bad their markets are hit once they open. I expect to see a lot of red.
  2. American red or Chinese red?

    Just mess with your threads; :D
  3. Gonna be a sea of red of course.

    I hope Japan raises their rates but they will wait until the US does their BS .25 cut that won't do shit anyways.

    Probably Oct. until they man up and raise rates in Japan. ECB late Oct. to raise. This all follows of course follows another mini fed rally to start a new leg down in global markets across the board.
  4. American red .. its just logical that they will follow friday's big move down. No points for this prediction.
  5. dhpar


    nikkei is traded round the clock - so we basically knew where it is going to open...

  6. gdp came in lower then rate increase....
  7. Ha; BoJ has done a fabulous job to screw its market with its ridicules rates; what did it get in return; nothing but more bad debts.

    Ben; Lets follow BOJ cuts your freaking rate; :D

    What a job to have!
  8. I channel view fwiw ... I think the red channel will contain todays movement but will trade whatever happens.
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  9. gona play the gap down?