Lara Logan's Brutal Rape and Assault

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  1. Why?! How is the rest of the world your business, why can't stupid americans just fucking mind their own business, and resolve their own issues, before they pretend they are the shit, that they have the answer, and they should be the ones implementing it. Fuck democracy, it's as fucking bad as dictatorship, if not worse, a bunch of morons deciding your faith. Fuck all governments of the world, regardless of their form, shape and size. I fuck the freedom in america, cause there is no freedom, you're pretending your fucking asses off that you live in a free country, that's why you believe you are superior to the rest of mankind and that you should dictate how they should live. Fuck america's failing foreign policies.
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    ..and send the nuclear waste to the national facility at Yucca Mountain whether Harry Reid likes it or not.
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  3. You fucking understand that your statement includes your own country, don't you, you do fucking realize that america kills thousands of innocent people round the world on a monthly basis.

    American people are as stupid as the fucking pigs they were born from.
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    Nice try T, but your attempt to incite is just plain boring. Try another path to prove your point. Come up with another alias so you can post more stupidity.
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  5. Lara Logan is a born South African you ignorant fucker. And since when is a journalist reporting to the world "intervening" in another countries business?

    You are officially one of the biggest pieces of shit on the internet. Congratulations...your mom and dad would be proud im sure. That is if your werent the spawn of a prison rape yourself and actually knew your parents.
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  6. south africa, same shit, she's a pig skinned british descendant, same shit as the pig skinned americans. No fucking idiot, it's you who doesn't get shit, you reap what you sow, you rape someone's daughter, your daughter gets raped, regardless of how innocent she is. You rape a women from another race, a women from your race gets raped.
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  7. Boy I sure hope your people are next. One of you is bad enough.

    Your parents.....we'll try for them too.
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  8. it's boring to you, because you're incapable of understanding crap
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  9. Wow, your arguments are golden T Geithner. If you don't mind me asking, what nationality are you?
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  10. You're next. You already raped every other race in the world, now it's your turn.
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