Lara Logan is either an idiot or a liar

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  2. Jammy, you're a jackass. [​IMG]

    They would've sexually assaulted her even if she wore a hijab. Sexual assault does not necessarily equal rape.
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    he's a jackass, and far worse things as well. What a disgusting mind
  4. Read his other posts. He's got some problems.
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    How many female moderators are there on this site?

    Feminists want it all ways.

    - Women deserve to be in any situation they want to be in, no matter reality. You go girl!
    - When something bad happens, It’s All Someone Else’s Fault.
    - Multiculturalianism: All cultures are equal. Egyptian society during a riot is the same as white American society on a normal day. Men are Evil!

    Shibboleths. Inability to reason or argue. You see it all the time.

    Western women are, by and large, vacuous facades on which the MSM stamps its imprimatur. Tattoos itself on their rotund backsides, imprints itself in their vainglorious minds.

    Western women think they are so strong! So intelligent! Grrls can do anything that men can do and don’t ya dare stop ‘em!

    And as they walk the streets real men see them alone and strong, ambling in hubris and…rape them.

    What will they do?

    Hardly a victim, Laura Logan is nothing but an an idiot, living her life as she does because she and the “Sisterhood” see her as “special” due to her looks, her status, and her “profession, fully expecting that she can test or even violate all reasonable limits without cost or consequence. She isn’t “special”; no one is. And whether she was actually “raped” will never be known. “Rape” has been wrongly redefined to mean many things these days, and being “groped” against one’s will is now considered “rape”.

    Julian Assange has been accused of “rape” for having, as the police reports filed by the complainants shows, literally “consensual sex” with two trollops in Sweden. Why? Allegedly a condom broke during a consensual act with one of them and with the other whore he allegedly didn’t use one. Given the Assange situation, even consensual groping is now considered “rape” in these oh so modern times. Laura, it is my opinion that both you and your employer are lying.

    Let us not forget Heidi Jones, that lovely blond-haired “Weather Woman” from A.B.C.’s “Good Morning America” who filed a rape complaint in 2010 with the N.Y. City police department, claiming that she had been “raped” while jogging in Central Park.

    After a quite vigorous investigation, particularly given the woman’s “status”, the police came up with absolutely nothing that could substantiate her claims. The “rape kit showed nothing as well. The police decided to re-interview her, and after several hours of interrogation she finally admitted that she “made the whole thing up.” Was she charged with “false reporting” (No, I’m not referring to a lousy weather forecast!) of a crime? No. At least not yet, and my money say she never will be. Instead of outrage, the public response was more along the lines of “The poor dear. She’s troubled! She needs help!”

    Folks, what would have happened had N.Y. City’s finest arrested some random “Hispanic Male” who generally fit the description that Heidi gave them? “Ah! More attention! They have found my attacker! Poor me! Look at that horrible man who sexually violated me!”

    Let’s face it, upon hearing the news of her alleged rape, tens of millions of jackasses otherwise known as “White Knights” jumped off their couches and drew their swords while proclaiming in unison, “I shall defend that sluts honor!” The alleged perp would have been the most hated man in the Empire State, and while returning their oh so sharp swords to sheath, the great knights would have been muttering, “He’s lucky that I didn’t get to him first!”

    At that point, with the “perpetrator” locked behind bars, do you think that Heidi would recant her lie? Would the police, having in their minds successfully arrested the penetrating perpetrator, after having released mug shot after mug shot to the press while beating their chests with pride for “solving the case” ever doubt that they arrested the “wrong man” for a crime that was never even committed?

    Of course not.