Laptops and Tick Charts

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by traderTX, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. I am not much of a tech guy at all...I likely get laughed at by tech support people in fact. I currently trade off of a desktop with three monitors, but am wanting to get a laptop for use when traveling...mostly just to check on positions, but want the ability to make some trades as well. I have heard that when running excel based spread trade programs and tick charts for daytrading, that it can use a lot of processing capacity. My desktop is 3.80ghz, so it has never had a problem, but I am curious what type of speed is will adequately run these charts. Also, any laptop recommendations?? Thanks guys for helping out a technology dummy.
  2. auspiv


    just about any laptop you can buy today will be able to handle tick charts without a problem.