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  1. I would like to buy a laptop for my trading with IB( 3 accounts ) I want to be able to add atleast one monitor and memory 6-8 ram. The battery life should be good and I should be able to buy some maintenance contract for onsite repairs.

    All suggestions much welcome. Thanks
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  3. Sony Vaio Z/svz has everything you want... and is extremely solid.

    But rumor is they are discontinuing model because sony wants to move towards touchscreens with windows 8. And the price is normally at least double of any normal laptop. However, I would suggest hitting up the sony outlet store online, they usually have some great deals.
  4. have you tried craigslist? i'm being serious. here are some steps to prevent wasted money/time/frustration.

    confirm via email before agreeing to buy that laptop works.
    ask if they have original disks.
    meet in public place like sbux to test.
    if ok, pay cash.
    here's the important part - as soon as you get home wipe the hard drive and do a fresh install of the OS. you have no idea (and don't want an idea) of what's on that person's computer.
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    Lenovo T430 or W530.
  6. Lenovo x1
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    Big AAPL

    I bought a Lenovo for my wife last year and the quality for the price shocked me. In a good way.
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    I just bought this laptop from Best Buy and I like it a lot. It's a little larger than I originally wanted I was looking for a 14" but besides that everything else is great.
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    I've been satisfied with a 17" 6Gb i3 laptop from dell outlet

    If you purchased directly from Dell, your laptop has 90 days Premium Phone Support + 1 Year In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis package. more information:
    Another option for Tech Support, is Online Support Teams. They have the same capabilities as dell Phone Support, but through social media outlets.
    • Dell Community Forums – New to the Community:
    • You can contact the Dell Cares Team on Twitter (@DellCares):
    • If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can also go to Dell’s Facebook Support Form:
    A Facebook account is not required to use this form. You will be asked to provide your Name, service tag, email address and a brief description of the issue.
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    while some of your requirements are clear, it is unclear to me how you will use it.

    Are you going to travel with it a lot? are you just looking for the ability to move around and about the house and monitor positions? how do you want to use it, basically..

    for what is worth the most reliable laptops are Lenovo THINKPADS... not the consumer line, their business lines... I only buy thinkpads.. .. to those who might object, I am in IT and I have tried all the different vendors for laptops... best above all, are the thinkpads... period.

    If you will be traveling and weight is a concern, like it is for me, your choices are either the T430s or the X1 Carbon... both have a 1600x900 and a DisplayPort for an external monitor... witht he T430s you can drive 2x27" 2560x1440 monitors if you get the docking station... I have this setup... and you can get a 3-5 year warranty with onsite support with lenovo as well... they will go wherever you are, so when in miami, they will go there and when in NYC they will go there... you get my point... you are buying business support.

    if power and some level of portability is your goal, then their W530 will do it for you... resoution on the 15.6 is 1920x1080... but it will weight more of course...

    If you travel, do not go above 15.6"... airport checkpoints are a pain.. all I will say...

    some additional advise... 8GB RAM, middle of the line CPU speed, and 128GB SSD... with an external USB3 256GB SSD encrypted ... make sure to sync your data to the external one...

    lastly, I would recommend, if you are mostly tracking positions and doing swing trading... to use the iPAD mini... a lot faster than opening the laptop when out and about.. and you can have your bloomberg and reuters apps in there at the same time with mobile tws...
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