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  1. Vozdovac


    Looking for a laptop to use when leaving town etc...

    I utilize Tradestation with automated strategies on various charts... and Thinkorswim to mostly look at option quotes..

    I would also like to utilize a second monitor through the laptop IF needed.

    Not computer savy and don't want to spend more thn I need to...

    Any suggestions?
  2. I have very bad experiences with HP's laptop. My model is:

    HP dv9730us

    Within the first year warrenty period, 2 faults at different times:

    - Hard drive, need to have that replaced
    - Circuit board overheating for some reason (fan out??)

    Now another issue: The 17-inch LCD screen. I haven't sent it back for repair #3 yet.

    On the other hand, I had used an IBM Thinkpad T43 for about 3 years (former company's assigned) and didn't have any problem. Worked very well.