Laptop/Workstation Specs

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by CPTrader, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I currently run my ATS on the same laptop I use for other purposes: general business work on MS Office, Emails on MS Outlook, etc.

    I believe it is best I have a dedicated laptop solely for the ATS.

    What specifications would you recommend for a laptop solely dedicated to an ATS. It's a simple ATS - not a fancy HFT platform.

  2. None. Get a virtual server from a good hoster - solves quite a lot of problems ()internet may go down etc.) AND gives you better latency on top.

    You can always remote desktop into it, so there is no need to have a second laptop ;)
  3. I do not want a hosted server option at this time.

    So what would be the recommend specs for a:

    1. Laptop

    2. Workstation.

    Also what is preferred - a laptop or a desktop/workstation?

    Thank you.
  4. Depends on a lot of things. Laptops in general are less flexible over time - no real upgrade path. Crappy screen. OTOH they have a battery, but that is useless for trading if you can not get your internet connection properly secured against power outages, too (which may not be only you - what about the other end of your DSL...?).

    IF you buy a laptop, do NOT do it now. Wait for the next generation September/October - they are a BIG step forward, due to the push of WIndows 8 into tablets and Intel moving against the iPad. We talk of a LOT more power at a lot less power usage, with battery times a LOT higher than what you are used to. Asus comes with a nice Transformer type tablet - Tablet, but there isa docking station adding batters and keyboard for a laptop like usage, best of both worlds, supposedly.

    I am in the market, too (not for trading - I just miss a mobile platform) and I am NOT going to buy something now with a HUGH step coming in some months. This is not "a little better" as usual, we move into a significant upgrade now, a BIG step as finally everyone alins into proper technologies.

    That said, I still prefer servers.
  5. Curious to know why you don't want a virtual server?

    I rent them to traders. They are cheap and most say it's the best thing that ever happened to them.

    Why run an ATS on a laptop? That sounds crazy.