laptop without dedicated graphics card ok for trading?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ER9, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. ER9


    i was considering trading from a laptop using verizon's wireless broadband.

    thing i was wondering is if a laptop (2 gig cpu) that uses the cpu to render the graphics has enough power to run eSignal and interactive brokers software without a hicup or if i really need a laptop with a dedicated graphics card?
  2. ER9
    What kind of laptop are u planning to buy and how much does it cost
    I am looking to buy one to and may need it in the future for remot trading i guess
  3. mrtwo


    Hi there,

    I dont think you need to be concerned about graphics performance, unless the laptop is at more than 2 years old :)

    Why dont you post the specs for the machine and I will review it with you?

  4. ER9


    well i was looking at this one. i was trying not to spend too much money and this one looks like a decent deal although i would definatelly invest in another 256Mb stick of memory.

    it would strictlly be a notebook for remote multitasking or running other programs while it was being used.
  5. mrtwo


    The only problem I can see is the screen resolution :(

    With just 1024x768 you might find urself struggling to fit everything in the screen.

    What is your current trading setup? (monitor count, resolution, etc)
  6. ER9


    lol...didn't notice that. i doubt i could fit my daily charts on that resolution....

    screenshot shows my daily layout without IB's TWS at the top 2 inches of screen. all on 1280x1024 screen, x 17" monitor.
  7. dedicated graphics cards are intended to be used to run games, and real 3d applications.

    it wont be a factor in what you do.

    however, a non-dedicated card share its memory with the main system memory. my suggestion is for you to add more memory. if you have 512-1gig you should be okay.
  8. ER9


    thanks for the suggestion. i was just looking at memory and an x-tra gig is just over $100, pretty cheap. guess im more worried about the screen resolution now than the gfx
  9. mrtwo


    Yeah, it would be quite hard to work at 1024x768 :D

    I have a Dell Laptop with a 1680x1050 LCD and I find quite confortable to work on it when I need to. I paid about 1000 dollars for it on Ebay about 12 months ago :)
  10. ER9


    well much thanks everyone for your input. mrtwo thanks for pointing that out. i never thought about screen resolution as a factor but obviouslly it will be a big factor. looks like i'm gonna have to pony up a bit more money for bit better laptop with higher resolution.

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