Laptop with graphic card that support two monitors

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    I wonder if anyone know of any laptop that support the use of two monitors, I don't mean a screen that is split between the two monitors but actually two separate screen images as can be done on a workstation.

    Thinking this would be useful if trading remote and not having to have two separte computers.

    Any inputs greatly appreciated.

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    if you are using a notebook, just connect the second moniter to it, and go display property settings -> select the second monitor and mark the "extend my desktop to this monitor"
  3. Used to be that only a few laptops would support 2 independent monitors. Would you say that *most or all* which run WinXP do so today?
  4. Yes, that's what I thought. XP or Mac. Unless someone is aware of a modern notebook without a built-in video output?
  5. Easy enough to verify at the machine... just wondering about getting one online and having it possibly not support dual monitor.
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    My one-yr old Acer Notebook with Intel 852GM integrated graphics can extend desktop to 2 monitors.

    Newer notebooks have Intel 915GM or latest Intel GMA 945GM chipsets, so you should be fine with any notebooks in the market now.
  7. If you want to run 2 monitors in ADDITION to your laptop screen, Matrox has a product that will do this just fine. Its not so expensive either. Have a look at

    Buy a Pelican case (the largest one for overhead carry on storage on planes), and you have the ultimate portable office. Two 19" screens in the case, and laptop on your shoulder. Everything on board with you as well, so no worries. I now use cheap KDS 19" screens that work well, and the cool part is the base clicks off with the push of a button. Takes about a minute to tear down, and then set back up.

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    Probably not at powerful at the matrox but more compact. And with 32Mb of memory it runs charts just fine. At first I was concerned about the "little bit" of memory, but it does not make an impact on TS8.

    Also the VTbook does 1600x1200. So you have room to move to a 20" monitor. Software is pretty good too, and that is from a former test manager.

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    here is what everyone is trying to figure out ...

    this will solve everyone's problems with hooking up an external monitor to their laptop !! don't send money, not necessary !!

    bought a new laptop ( compaq ) & hooked it up to an external monitor ... nothing on the external monitor. so, i played with the display settings on the control panel. nothing. so, i took the laptop back - i got a nice price, too :(

    a couple weeks later, purchased a sony laptop. attmepted to hook up the external monitor & played with the display settings. i was able to get the background of the screen on the second monitor - but, that was it ... i was not able to view the desktop or the programs, ect.

    i thought the laptop was garbage, so i took it back ...

    i attempted to hook up my son's laptop ( toshiba ) and it didn't work, either ...

    finally, i received a gateway computer ( tablet laptop ). played with the settings. nothing. after spending hours on trying to hook up a second monitor & getting lots of "professional feedback" i was just about to give up.

    here is the dirt:
    as i was getting ready to shut off the laptop, i accidently right clicked on my mouse while i was viewing the main desktop page. a selection choice of "Graphics Properties" popped on to the screen. i clicked on that menu choice.

    There was my answer !! a page popped up and asked me if i wanted to select a "multiple monitor" i clicked on "laptop" as the primary display & i clicked on the monitor as my "mulitple display"

    that was it !! everything worked, right away !! then, i went into my son's room & grabbed his toshiba laptop & tried the same thing. it worked, right away. you see, the display settings in the control panel have some serious issues when you attempt to hook up an extra monitor. you might play with those settings for months ( like i did ). just right click on the mouse when you are on the main screen ( the desktop screen ) and you will find the graphics properties. that's where it is at !!


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    drive safely !!
  10. there site is huge, I have no idea what im looking for...

    could you give us the name of this product?
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