Laptop Screen Blank Out--What's the Problem?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Opra, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Opra


    One of my laptops, Dell Inspiron 600m, is having a screen blank-out problem--after booting up and me logging in, its screen will blank out. And I have to hit power on/off button and reboot to login, only to experience the same problem. I do not have screen saver on and it is not running on battery.

    Any hardware (I guess it's hardware) experts who know what is the cause of it?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. What happens in safe mode?

    What happens when you direct video output to an external monitor?
  3. dc101


    Opra, most likely your laptop lcd's backlight bulb has gone dead. If you have a flashlight you could still see the screen (start button, etc) but you have to hold it close and at the angle. Other than that, laptop is most likely ok.

    Unfortunately, there is no cure - you have to take it to be serviced. I hope it's still under warranty

    Sorry I couldn't bring the good news.
  4. Opra


    Bernoulli and dc,

    Same issue in safe mode. Now I can still use it w/ external monitor (normally I run w/ double screen). I just cannot control it (start apps or log out/soft turn off after main LCD screen blanks out). Is there a way to move xp's "Start" button to the right extended screen?

    dc you are most likely right about its backlid bulb. Today LCD screen will stay on for about 2 minutes--tomorrow it will probably be less than a minute until total blank-out.

    I am lucky on this one--have about 2 weeks extended warranty left offered by Mastercard. :)

    Thank you both for the replies.

  5. dc101


    Once your 2nd monitor is connected, and before your lcd goes blank, go to Display Properties -> Settings tab: you'll see 2 monitor pictures. Select external one and check 'Use this device as the primary monitor' option - that should do it. You get to Display properties by right clicking on the desktop and selecting Properties.

    If you lcd starts going blank sooner, you have to use a flashlight.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Opra


    I tried and it wouldn't allowed me to make the external mon as primary. And using a flash light, I couldn't see anything on the screen.

    I'm waiting to call Dell on Monday for service.

    Thanks dc for your info.

  7. Hmm my Dell Inspiron 1501 automatically turns the external monitor into the primary when I shut the cover down (the factory setting was to put it into sleep mode but there's a control panel that allows me to change the settings). And obviously, if it works you'd still need an external keyboard & mouse.
  8. I'm thinkin' the inverter, not the backlight. Especially if you can reboot and it comes up momentarily. You can find used inverters for your laptop on Ebay.