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  1. How does laptop computer reliability compare today. I noticed some significant differences in price at the store today which makes the cheaper ones very tempting.
    Thanks for any replies.
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    My current laptop is a macbook pro; absolutely no problems at all. I use it all the time and run windows 7 on it as well. You get Apple and Windows, plus the best quality out there.

    My dad has a Sony vaio, which is okay, but the wifi went out. I had an HP before the mac and that was good but the screen went out once under warranty, and after 2.5 years it really started to fall apart (hopefully the Mac won't do this). Had a Compaq before the hp and that was pure trash.
  3. All I can say is DON'T buy HP laptops. I have a couple of them and both have been bad experiences.
  4. shoot i have an emachines i bought for 289 at wally world. i use it every day and its going on 3 years with no problems.
    computers are pretty much all the same nowdays. all built in china.
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    Can't go wrong with a ThinkPad.
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    I have too, had multiple motherboards fry on those suckers. Currently use a dell vostro, heavy as lead and hot as the sun but no problems.
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    Consumer reports found no laptop brand as a stand out in reliability.

    Apple had the best rating (9% requiring repair or having a serious problem) but even the worst, Dell, had a 12% rating and according to CR differences of 3% or less are not statistically meaningful

    I've had good luck with Dell laptops but YMMV
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    Dell-insp-17r 6Gig was cheap as dirt from Dell's website and works fine.
    Dell's tech support has systematically followed up for satisfaction feedback with both of the contacts I've initiated with them. Unbelievable. Both times people have phoned me to ask if all was well.
    Take a look at the support section of Dell's website. They have a great system for keeping track of this laptop's history. Perhaps all brands have that. It's a beneficial feature.
  9. The best way is to go cheap. Get a laptop for under $700 and if anything goes wrong then get another one. I have a few sub $500 laptops which I use all the time and nothing ever goes wrong with them. They seem fast enough, good enough. I have an HP laptop and have no problems with it at all.

    Another consideration is a good service plan. I once worked for a company that had a Dell laptop. The Dell broke down all the time, but since it had a 3 year service plan a representative would be by my door instantly. Each problem was taken care of within 24 hours. The screen failed, the keyboard failed, the motherboard failed and that rep came like clockwork at my door replacing something.
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    Bought a 17" MBP a few weeks ago. I replaced the HDD with a Hybrid drive. That leaves the software... Lion is still very buggy, and unstable after one day of running. It is getting better though, and Lion blows away any Windows or Linux OS (for laptops only!) - I have always agreed that Windows was the best. Lion really is remarkable.

    It's nowhere near as reliable as my desktop, but it is top of the line and as good as it will get. I would buy a 17" MB air on the spot if there was one.
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