Laptop Recommendation?

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    amazing, shenghai on Mon on my doorstep in my small midwestern town onThur
    I already had to call them to help me disable tap and click

    I trade at night, no lights but the tv and the computer and a few candles, so the lighted keyboard is going to be incredible

    service to get the tap and click disabled was really good, a few menue clicks and I was connected to the technician on a Saturday afternoon on Mem day weekend
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  2. loyek590


    the only thing I really hate is there is an unremovable icon on the screen when you are in "numbers lock" which I was all the time, but now I have to go back to "un number lock" to get the icon off the screen

    I asked them about it and they said there was nothing I could do

    otherwise, typying at night with no light, what a joy
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  3. Trader13


    I'm a fan of the lighted keyboard, too. It's like heated seats in your car, not essential, but just makes everything better.
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    OK, now I can die. I did not know anyone traded by candlelight. I'm going to try it. Congrats on your new baby.
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    yes, electric lights create too much glare on the suface of the hot tub. These Lenovos are water proof, right? I don't think my Toshiba was.
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    wow! I just figured out how to disable the num lock icon! I just googled it and ended up on something called "lenovo community" and a couple of clicks and problem solved

    so now I am 100% satisfied
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  8. i960


    Macbook Pro Retina 15". Best laptop I've ever owned/used.

    I run VMWare fusion w/ Windows 8 and just ctrl-left|right to flip between OSX and Windows (Fusion, when running full screen, just occupies another desktop space). I see zero reason to own a native Windows-based laptop. I get non-trading stuff done in OSX, and trading stuff done in Windows on the same laptop seamlessly. In fact the only reason that VM is involved is just due to trading software inertia.
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  9. k p

    k p

    Late to the game here.. but I have seen a few recomendations for Asus and I couldn't agree more. My model is similar to something like this.

    Now the crappy part of course is Windows 8, but if you can wait for 10, I would do that. What I really like about this notebook is the dual cooling. It simply never runs hot, and the fans hardly ever speed up since there are dual cooling channels for the CPU and GPU. On this model I linked, the 5400rpm HD is a little slow, but if you look around similar model, you might get a 7200rpm drive. Since this notebook support dual HD's, the best thing to do would be to put in an SSD, in addition to the regular one, and some might even come pre-configured like this.

    The keyboard is backlit, and typing feels quite nice. The screen is matte, but I mostly use an external monitor. When trading, I use both the external and the notebook screen for a dual screen setup. Because of the gaming GPU, I have zero issues with speed, and the fact that its a gaming notebook also means you've got 12 gigs of ram.

    It is a bit on the hefty side, certainly not something I would want to carry around, but I bought it as a desktop replacement that I can actually take with me if I had to. I see no reason to be buying desktops these days to be honest.

    As I look further down the page... there is even a better and cheaper model of it with 16gb ram and 1TB hard drive. I gotta say it again... the dual cooling is sweet. All the previous notebooks I had would drive me crazy with the fan speeding up constantly but not this one.
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  10. Slightly off topic, I know this isn't a laptop -- but I stumbled upon this today...and I'm considering buying it for trading and for general web use:

    Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" w/ stylus tablet

    i didn't even know they made a 12" tablet...i thought 10 was the largest. i consider 12" to be large enough to be considered a laptop replacement. 8 and 10" tablets were like hybrids to me.
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