Laptop Recommendation?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by loyek590, May 7, 2015.

  1. loyek590


    I don't know anything about hardware, that's why I asked the question when my Toshiba laptop crapped out on me. I just went with xandman's recommendation and bought directly from the Lenovo website.
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  2. Trader13


    Sounds good. This onsite warranty by Lenovo makes them competitive (from a warranty standpoint) with Dell which also offers an onsite warranty. It's possible they both contract to the same 3rd-party service for onsite support in some regions.

    I have leaned toward Dell because sometimes I like to make DIY upgrades to my PC and there are a lot of YouTube videos and other online resources that show you how to take Dell's apart. Next time I buy a new PC, I will check if there are similar resources for Lenovos.
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  3. drcha


    I love my Asus, but my Acer is a POS.
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  4. drcha


    Toshiba was a good little workhorse, too, until I spilled a whiskey and 7 on her. Laptops do not recover from hangovers.
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  5. loyek590


    that sounds pretty good, I am not an experienced whiskey drinker. What brand of whiskey do you use when you mix it with that 7? All I ever heard was CC7 which was Canadian Club.
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  6. drcha


    Woodford Reserve. Diet 7 is OK if you don't want too much sugar.
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  7. loyek590


    ok, I'll give it another try, last time I drank a bottle of Woodford I woke up and promised the Lord I would never drink whiskey again but I wasn't mixing it with 7 up.

    I'm on my second Toshiba, the third one is sitting in a chest waiting to be thrown into the dumpster once my Lenovo ever arrives. It was a refurbished model I bought directly from Toshiba on their website just to have a spare, and it only lasted three months before it lost it's mind and the pointer no longer appears or can be pointed.

    So I'm back on my second Toshiba with the broken hinge
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  8. drcha


    Well, you don't need to drink the whole bottle. You might come unhinged, like your Toshiba.
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  9. loyek590


    they finally sent me the email that my Lenovo T540 is being shipped
    with a UPS tracking number

    wow! first time I ever saw that, last place, Shanghai, China!

    est delivery Fri 5/22

    and then a few hours later, still Shanghai, but now est delivery Thursday 5/21

    must have got on the plane on time or a little early
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  10. loyek590


    last arrived Anchorage Alaska 5/19
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