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  1. Hello,

    Please I need some guidance, I need to upgrade my laptop RAM urgently. I wish to puchase 2 4GB RAM sticks for a DELL Precision M4400 laptop.

    Any tips on what brands of RAM to buy, what specs to look for and what online retailers are recommended. How much should I expect to pay?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Go to
    to verify the specifications of the RAM needed for your computer.
    Once you know the specifications, shop around a little online. Prices vary a lot. One place where I like to buy a lot of computer stuff is

  3. Thanks!

    Any more suggestions from others.
  4. Verify before you buy that you computer can handle 8 GB. The prior model, M4300 can take only 4 GB.

    Run a utility called SIW (System Information Windows... freebie), then click on "memory". It will tell you the speed and latency of the RAM you currently have. Best to buy exactly that again, brand really doesn't matter..
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    Like Scat said, brand for ram doesn't matter much if you are not overclocking. They are generally pretty reliable.

    But the question is do you really need 8 GB of ram? If you do then the $147 kit is a good deal, because the best deal for DDR2 at newegg is about the same at $150 free shipping.

    If you don't need 8GB, you can get just 4GB to upgrade your laptop, because you don't have to install the ram in pairs. 5 or 6 GB is plenty. I run several big apps and it rarely cracks 6GB mark.

    If you decide to get 1x4GB stick to add to what you have, put the 4GB stick in bank0 and the smaller stick in bank1. Supposedly gives better performance, don't know how much difference it translates in the real world (I never bothered to test it out).
  6. Thanks for all the help.

    I bought this one:

    A little more than the $147/149 one, but I get free 2 day shipping from Amazon via Amazon prime and I always prefer to order from Amazon if I can.

    Thanks again!