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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanack, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. alanack


    Just bought my first laptop, I'm wondering -

    1) Is it ok to unplug the power or plug it back in when running?

    2) My battery is slowly losing its charge(down to 96%). I'm sure this is just because I have only been using it on AC. So, what should I do to keep the battery in good shape? Run it on the battery for a few hours every week? Down to what % charge? Thanks.

    P.S. It's a lenovo, I couldn't find this info anywhere on their site.
  2. MTE


    I'm no computer expert, but, yes, you can easily unplug from power while running.

    To keep the battery in good shape I hear it's good to periodically run it on battery until it's flat, then fully recharge.
  3. Tums


    Battery University

    How to charge - when to charge table (BU14A)

    Batteries are ready to work in an instant (provided they are charged) and can be used in a reasonably wide temperature range. Charging, on the other hand, has limitations and the user should follow recommended guidelines on how and when to charge. Each battery chemistry has its own charging preference.

    Batteries behave like humans; some live to a great old age, others die early. Exposure to heat is likely the biggest enemy. Steps can be taken to prolong battery life but an ideal world will not be possible. The table below provides basic instruction in maximizing battery performance from cradle to grave.
  4. alanack


    That chart is perfect, thanks, Tums.