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  1. It looks like I have anoither issue with an Acer laptop I got last year. It died on me 3 months after I purchased it and Acer did not want to repair it under warranty arguing it was a software issue. Eventually after I complained and threatened different people and dept. they repaired it at no cost. Read some other people had similar experience, for instance a school in England that threatened to call the police - no kidding- after CS went dead , and it still didn't do it. Anyway...

    Now the screen starts acting up, itgoes black from time to time , at firdst it lasted just one second or two, now it happens more frequently and can last as long 10 seconds or so. I am being told this could be a connection issue and I should send it back before warranty expiration. Last time was the worst customer service ordeal I ever experienced, so I am reluctant to do that.
    Anyone has had a similar problem, and does it get worse ?
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    your laptop creen is on its last leg, all 3 of my laptops' screens went kaput after the guarantee expired.
  3. Gateway Refurbs. Love my 17" for trading. I use another screen for the DOM.
  4. Try uninstalling/reinstalling the video driver. Laptops are harder for people (non-techies) to diagnose because unlike a desktop, it's hard to remove components. It really could be any of several other things. Good luck!
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    this is why you go with a thinkpad!

    their CS would never treat you like that
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    I used to manage a computer store that sold Acer monitors among others. They were great for a few months then they would start having problems. I would never buy an Acer product knowing what crap they put out.

    Good luck.
  7. I have to say I have two 17 ' mon from Acer, one died but was very promptly replaced and brought to my door. However laptops are serviced by some other dept here and it's a nightmare.

    One more thing the screen flickering always stops when I recline the screen a little.
  8. That would point to an electrical or connector problem. Definetely get it fixed while under warranty.

    I can tell you I've bought $40k+ of Dell stuff in last few years and never any customer service issues. In fact, out of about 50 monitors only 1 has died out of warranty so far. Acer is not too good in customer service.
  9. What would you do to protect your files before sending your laptop back ? I would like to delete most everything and I don't have much , but since the access is protected by password should I spend time doing this ?

    Also the first time I sent it back they reinstalled XP Pro without MS Office trial version, which pissed me off since I wanted to use it for a while. Is it true that if I do a fresh install using the recovery disks I won't be able to use MS Office since it's only accessible for 60 days ? I don't understand how MS keeps the purchase date in memory after a reinstall ...