Laptop or Desktop vote in poll!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by EngineerLarry, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Laptops...Portable, go anywhere and always have an onboard battery in the event the power fails. Easily stolen, easily broken. Cant really upgrade the thing except for memory and little things.

    Desktops...Even if someone breaks into your house, they probably will not want the desktop. Desktop can be locked down in a cabinet or on a chain for further peace of mind. More durable and easier to fix than the laptop. Much easier to upgrade. Not very useful when outdated.

    So what say you?
  2. I don't like laptops. Period. Use one only when I have to while traveling or remote. Wife LOVVVVES hers... can't hardly get her nose out of it.
  3. Both.

    Desktop for regular use.

    Laptop for backup and travelling.

    Hard disk encryption is, of course, mandatory for laptops.
  4. I hear many laptops with powerful CPUs become so hot that they are really not suitable for being on your lap since they'll probably fry your 'nads sunny side up!
  5. In modern laptops they will have a automatic system which throttles the cpu back if it detects high heat. If you use a laptop on a desk a cooling pad is a must to help prevent the throttle back.
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    I dunno Larry, you are the Engineer, you tell me..
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    all you have stated are pro's and con's based on limitations... but I have not seen anything about what the basis of the comparison is in terms of what requirements you are looking to meet...

    so not sure what you are asking... Laptop vs. Desktop in terms of what? because each has its use and purpose...